Best Way to Share Live Location on Whatsapp for Free

WhatsApp declared recently that it is adding live place sharing, which makes it much easier to locate your friends in real life with the Facebook owned messaging program. It’s also ideal for sharing your commute so people know when you are going to arrive and that you are safe. In this post learn to Share Live Location on Whatsapp.

Share Live Location on Whatsapp

Share Live Location on Whatsapp


The new feature is rolling out for WhatsApp on iOS and Android during the next few weeks. In the meantime, here is a quick crash course on the best way best to talk about your live location using some of the most popular programs around.

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Share Live Location on Whatsapp

You may already have the ability to talk about your live place on WhatsApp (it now works in my phone). To do it, open a conversation with a buddy or group and tap the plus button at the bottom left corner. Select Location and then tap Share Live Site. You can choose how long you would like to talk about (15 minutes, 1 hour or two hours) and include a comment if you would like before confirming.

Exactly like calling and texting Snapchat, sharing your place is guarded by end-to-end encryption. You could even turn it off at any moment you want.

Live Share Location on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger added live place sharing back in March. To use the feature, simply open a dialog, tap the plus icon and then choose the Location icon (it is a massive blue circle with an arrow in it). A map will pop-up, offering the choice to share your place with a buddy or group to get 60 minutes.

Live Share Location on Google Maps

Google Maps has also provided a similar feature since earlier this year. To discuss your live location just open the program and tap the blue dot that represents your place or the menu button at the upper left corner. Then pick the location sharing choice and choose how long you want it to last.

Google Maps seems to provide the most fine-tuning choices for how long you wish to share where you are, with 15 minutes and hour-long increments also choose from and the possibility to keep it running until you manually change off the feature. It is also possible to share your place with individuals across your Google contacts, rather than limiting yourself to one program.

You may personalize Snap Map so all your friends can see where you are or restrict it to just a couple of individuals. You may even toggle into Ghost Mode to remain concealed, and Snapchat says it only updates your place when you start the program. In some ways it is the least invasive option, so in case you would like someone to know where you’re at all times it is not the best option.